Become a Dispatch Rider 


We're Hiring


I have a Driver License
I am familiar with Ibadan Routes

Are you in Ibadan?


  • Responsible for delivery of product orders in timely manner

  • Responsible for relaying customer feedback and returns as required

  • Responsible for managing dispatch bikes on an operate to own basis


  • OND (Minimuim)

  • Vehicle Licence (Motorcycles)

  • Experience with dispatch deliveries and navigation systems is an added advantage


  • You must have a Driver's License

  • Familiar with Ibadan Routes

We are an authentication platform through which regulators/pharmacies can authenticate medicines from pharma manufacturers & wholesalers. 

We are currently recruiting dispatch riders to work with us for our Ibadan operations. Please find the job description below


  • Riders Earn 70% of delivery fees

  • 30K NGN guaranteed earnings/month 

  • 860 deliveries required to start earning bonus over 30K guaranteed minimum  at current 50Naira delivery fee (Number of deliveries required reduces as delivery fee increases)

  • Smartphone, bluetooth headset or headphones, bike attachments provided

  • Lease to own plan @ 10K Naira over 48 months provided (opt-in only and negotiable ; can bring your own bike or use the bike we give you)